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libfunutil Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
fun::ClassLoaderA ClassLoader attempts to create an instance of the given class, using a dynamically-loaded shared object file
fun::ConfigFileConfigFile loads and saves configuration files which can be represented as simple key/value pairs of strings
fun::DescribableThis is just a simple interface for objects which have some sort of description string which can be set and retrieved
fun::DeserializerDeserializer is an abstract base class for objects which can retrieve Serializable objects from files or streams
fun::Deserializer::ContextOptional class for sharing context during the deserialization of complex trees
fun::DieRollA DieRoll is a fixed collection of dice, such as 3d6 or 1d20
fun::DieRoll::WeightedValueA list of WeightedValues is returned by distribution()
KeyValueParserKeyValueParser is a class for parsing "key=value"-style lines, like those which would come from a configuration file
fun::LoadableClassThis is an extreme bummer
fun::NameableThis is just a simple interface for objects which have some sort of name string which can be set and retrieved
fun::OtherSimpleCLParserThis is another simple command-line parser
fun::ProgressThis is a wrapper around QProgressDialog for classes which want to report progress information, but don't want to know whether there's a QApplication which needs to have processEvents() called, or whether other chunks of code already have a progress dialog up, etc
fun::PropertyListThis class provides a generic hashtable-like interface for perstantly storing arbitrary key/value pairs
fun::SerializableSerializable objects can save and restore themselves from Serializers and Deserializers
fun::SerializerSerializer is an abstract base class for objects which can store Serializable objects to files or streams
fun::SerialTreeSerialTree is a simple Serializer and Deserializer which currently can be saved to & loaded from XML if your Qt has XML support
fun::SolidPlasticI didn't want to make this public, but if you want to plug in your own die roll parsers, you'll need it to return a subclass of this

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