class LoadableClass

This is an extreme bummer. More...

Full namefun::LoadableClass
Definition#include <fun/LoadableClass.h>
Inherited byConfigFile, Describable, DieRoll, KeyValuePair, Nameable, PropertyList, Serializable, SerializableList, SimpleCLParser
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This is an extreme bummer. ClassLoader::instantiate() wasn't working when INSTANTIATOR(FooClass) was returning a void * instead of a pointer to a polymorphic object. (Nuts!) So unfortunately this stuff must intrude even more into your code. Any class loaded & instantiated by ClassLoader must inherit from LoadableClass.

 LoadableClass ()


A no-op default constructor.

 ~LoadableClass ()



This does nothing, except to insure that your LoadableClass is polymorphic. I'm really depressed about this.

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